Temporary Portable Heating For High Profile Events Centre Book Launch

The Challenge

  • Major events often call for temporary heating because existing systems aren't up to the job or aren't installed onsite at all, Cross Rental Systems have flexible solutions they can install in hours to cover all sorts of scenarios
  • In this case study our client contacted us for an important event over a weekend period to heat a warehouse where ambient temperatures were due to be low

Cross Rental Services' solution

  • Cross Rental Services provided a 200kW, thermostatically controlled indirect hired heating unit, placed outside the venue
  • To supply heat to the building, Cross connected the unit to a duct network to distribute the heat
  • In order to ensure total client satisfaction given the importance of the event; Cross provided a fully trained engineering team to assist for the duration, ensuring support & service

The Outcome

A satisfied customer & a successful event - our client didn't have to think about anything beyond the initial call

  • Fast, flexible solution delivering total temperature control
  • Discreet & clean install to support prestigious client
  • Supported by a full time team of engineers for contingency & peace of mind
  • Back to business for a important event client for a high profile launch

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