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Supporting Air Conditioning in a Busy Office Complex

The Challenge

Our client required a chiller to provide air conditioning to an office complex in central London. The buildings current chiller system had been slowly failing and required extensive maintenance and partial replacement; whilst this major work was being carried out the busy complex required a temporary chiller to support comfort cooling.

This site, being in central London had restricted access. The office complex courtyard would be the best option for chiller delivery; however, from this location the chiller would require being skated 50m into position.

The Solution

  • Our 750kW chiller could provide the amount of duty required; assuring the office complex had effective air conditioning restored.
  • To get the chiller in place our team unloaded the hiab using the crane to place the chiller into the offices’ courtyard area, from here the chiller was skated by our skilled team, over 50m into position. Doing this allowed our client to have the chiller placed near their existing connections without causing further disruption.
  • Once the chiller was skated into place, scaffolding was built to support pipework to the existing building connections.
  • Our engineer installed the chiller onsite; providing our client with an effective cooling solution to offices, cafes and a gym in the office complex.

The Outcome

Our clients busy office complex had air conditioning restored by our expert team and effective cooling solutions. The chiller was craned as far into position as possible before being skated a further 50 metres into place.

Cross Rental Services then provided scaffolding to support pipework before connecting to the clients existing pipework. Once the project was installed the chiller was able to provide the client with comfort cooling for the complex.


  • 750kW chiller delivered and installed by our expert team
  • Air conditioning application restored to office complex after existing chiller breakdown
  • Hiab delivered the unit to site then skated into position
  • 24/7/365 call outs and service


750kW Air Cooled Water Chiller

750kW Rhoss Chiller

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