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Essential Quick Turn Around for a Residential Care Home

The Challenge

Our client contacted us for a hot water requirement after the existing plant room was down for repairs.

It was vital we provided a quick turn around at this site; as hot water was essential for the care home.

The Solution

  • Our fast reacting team carried out a site survey within hours of initial contact from our clients; assessing the site and which boiler package would best suit the clients requirements.
  • Our 100kW condensing boiler was delivered to site; giving the client required duty to provide residents with essential hot water.
  • Low noise output units; ideal with positioning near buildings for minimal disruption for the client and residents of the home.
  • Our 100kW bespoke built unit enabled us to provide a low footprint unit which could fit in the small space in front of the building.

The Outcome

  • Our clients were quickly provided with exceptional service and installation as well as the required hot water services.
  • The 100kW unit effectively met all of the client requirements; allowing the residents and employees to have access to hot water whilst the existing plant room is down.


  • Quickly restoring hot water to site
  • Small footprint units
  • Expert installation and service