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Boiler Hire Supporting Construction by Speeding Up Screed Drying

The Challenge

Our client required a fast turn around boiler install to keep an NHS new site build on track. We were required to survey, deliver and install a solution to allow the site to dry screed at a faster rate – thus keeping building work and the project on track.

The construction of a multi floor building meant a higher pump head rating was required to allow for drying on above ground floors.

The Solution

  • Our nationwide team of experts allowed us to carry out a site survey within hours of initial contact with the client. This allows us to accurately assess the site and clients requirements to allow for a smooth delivery and install.
  • We provided a 100kW packaged boiler and fuel tank to site; meeting duty requirements to effectively speed up screed drying.
  • Our pump head was able to effectively reach and dry above ground screed this means that the project could stay on track and construction could progress quickly.
  • We installed a bespoke built underfloor plate heat exchanger into the package – this unit slowly raises the temperature during the screed drying process; if the screed is dried to quickly cracking may occur. This unit is specifically built to ensure the process is carried out without errors for the client.

The Outcome

We were able to provide a solution for the client to achieve their goal of increasing the time for screed to dry. Our packaged boiler option including a powerful pump system was able to meet the required duty and head to effectively dry screed on the construction site.

Our underfloor plate heat exchanger ensured that the screed process was smooth and effective; therefore keeping the project on track.


  • Effectively speeding up the screed drying process
  • Packaged boiler with a powerful pump installed within hours by our team of engineers
  • 24/7/365 installation service and emergency call outs
  • Nationwide delivery in hours of initial call


100kw boiler

100kW Boiler

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