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Boiler Hire for a Large Scale Redevelopment Project

The Challenge

Our client required a boiler solution to assist them with heating and hot water during a large scale redevelopment project. The redevelopment of a 1777 building required total demolishing of the existing plant room; leaving the project with no access to heating and hot water.

Our boiler was required to support the stages of the housing redevelopment that were already completed and occupied. This would support heating and hot water until the new plant room is installed.

The Solution

  • A 300kW containerised packaged boiler plant was delivered and installed to site; giving the client the required duty to provide heating and hot water to support existing properties.
  • We provided our client with fuel management and a live telemetry system; allowing them to easily monitor frequency of fuel deliveries required, using their own personal dashboard.
  • Our containerised boiler package is designed to be easy to lift; with lifting eyes and fork pockets. On this site due to access requirements a crane is required to deliver large equipment to site; moving it over buildings and onto site.

The Outcome

We provided a well suited boiler solution for our client; our 300kW boiler which allowed our the first stages of the redevelopment to have heating and hot water whilst the plant room and following stages were still under construction.

Our fully packaged containerised plant room was an ideal solution; the boiler is durable and well suited to being on a busy construction site. Our boilers are fitted with lifting eyes and fork pockets which allowed us to position the boiler via crane over buildings and then adjusted by forklift.


  • Nationwide delivery
  • Fuel telemetry and fault monitoring
  • Lifting eyes and fork pockets for maneuverability
  • 24/7/365 dedicated service, callouts and installs.


300kW Boiler

300kW Boiler

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