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Bespoke Slimline Boiler to a Restricted Access School Site

The Challenge

Our client required a quick turnaround to restore heating and hot water to a school after a boiler breakdown. It was essential to provide a rapid service as without heating and hot water the school would have to temporarily close.

In addition to the time restraints for the install; our client had a small footprint area with access restrictions meaning we would be required to provide a bespoke built unit to provide required duty whilst remaining low footprint.

The Solution

  • To meet the duty requirements of the client we provided our 300kw boiler which has both heating and hot water capabilities; therefore restoring equivalent services to the school with no further disruption.
  • We provided a site survey to determine site requirements; before delivering and installing our boiler unit – our nationwide team and service allows us to have an engineer onsite within hours of initial contact.
  • The 300kw boiler is bespoke built by our engineers specifically for sites of this nature where a containerised solution isn’t viable. The unit is slimline and can easily be moved into position on a pallet truck or forklift; which was ideal for this site.
  • Heras fencing was also provided due to the units location in a school setting; ensuring a safety precaution for the school.

The Outcome

As a result of a fast turnaround survey, delivery and install by our nationwide team we were able to restore heating and hot water to the school; keeping their downtime and risk of closure to an absolute minimum.

The 300kW is able to produce the required duty effectively providing the client with a suitable solution whilst maintenance and replacement of their boiler plant room is carried out. Our bespoke fleet of boilers allowed us to overcome space and access challenges; specifically created for ease of placement in small sites meaning that we can provide high output boilers in smaller units.


  • Small footprint to overcome restricted access
  • Quick nationwide delivery to site
  • Heras fencing for safety precaution


300kW Condensing Boiler

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